Image by: @lynnxlewis

Image by: @lynnxlewis

 The freckles and the fro. 

Sandwiched in between the sea side and the redwood forest is where we dwell in a little tiny cabin lit with bulb lights and candles. We're just a small coastal drive away from the buzzing city sounds of San Francisco. Salty air laden days and starry sky filled nights is what we call home. Friends since age 5, loves since 12, and now husband and wife.

We are collectors of light and pretty things, a conglomeration of lost thoughts, dreams and stars, endless seas and  lullabies, fireflies and memories.

Our weekends consist of camping out of our 1974 WV bus, Her name is Jade, sipping cocoa by the camp fire and writing music about the stars.
Shawn shoots film, Marcie shoots digital, they meet in the middle sometimes. 

The Girl

Changing more frequent then the tides, Marcie is her own being. She doesn't fit a label or a mold, and she fears nothing but being away from her love. A Mermaid, moon child, earth spirit, a mystic, a hippie chick.  A collector of  crystals and old, pretty things.  A  recovered slurppee addict with an obsession with velvet and lace, war stories, cuddling, bus adventures, starry nights, kissing under the moon and whispering secrets to the trees. She is a bubble bath enthusiast and can name all 50 states in alphabetical order in 25 seconds flat.  

 The Boy

 His crystal collection is so large they are running out of wall space, and desk space, and toilet tank space. If you meet him in person, he is bound to give you one. He loves to collects little treasures the earth shares with him. He is a flame spinner and has yet to catch his hair on fire. (knock on redwood)  He smells really good. (says the girl) 


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