Ten Fact Tuesday's


Every tuesday I will be answering random questions and sharing random facts about life and it's silly moments

this week is Marcie's week next week is Shawn 

1. I use to have an addiction to slurpees, a XL blue raspberry coca cola slurp every day to be exact. Now I will indulge in one every so often when the hubs convinces me. I won't push over a Medium size. No need for relapse. 

2. If the line of my sock is not exactly over my toes I will freak out and hyperventilate and probably die. that is why I don't wear socks. 

3. I once randomly flew to Austarlia by myself for a month and was stuck in the outback and got proposed to by an aussie I only knew for a few days. 

4. No matter how hard I try, I just cant come to accept chevron print. (tack master 2000) 

5. I swim in the ocean no matter the weather without a wetusit because wet suits are for babies. (ok and for people who don't want to die, i get it. I'm a rebel without a cause. darn you james dean)

6. I have an affinity for the twilight zone, tales from the dark side and other old film shorts. 

7.  I believe that kissing is a perfect excuse as to why I don't own a television. 

8. I am a moon child. 

9. falling asleep with sand in my hair is a normal occurrence. 

10. I take a lot of baths. Like i have mermaid syndrome its that bad. If you need some buble bath tips, him me up haha