Photography has become my catharsis. It has evolved from a rudimentary, opulent act of time consumption, into an outwardly expression of all that I am on the inside. It just seemed to be the most natural, feasible form of art that I could produce at any time, any place, during any state of mind. You don't have to have an opulence of tools to create, which was initially so enticing. It has become a way to conflate my thoughts and emotions, the surroundings that I am in, into a still moment, frozen forever. Photography holds everything and nothing, when it wants to. 

For the longest time, I have been setting aside my creative photography because I simple do not have enough time in the day to pursue it, but my soul needs it, I need to create something that does not make sense to most, but means the world to me. I want to rummage through antique shops and thrift stores unveiling hidden treasures I can use to embellish my creation. These vibes must be rekindled. I need to purge my soul again. 

I long for those nights when I lye in bed wide eyed and ready with a fresh idea in my mind, I love rushing around the house rummaging for a pen and paper to sketch out ideas, scribbles unreadable to anyone but my soul. I am ready. 

My photography story in the shortest version ever: 

When I was 11, I got a kitten for my birthday, and my never ending addiction to 5 dollar 35mm disposable cameras was on the rise, and my kitten zoe was my new model. I would set her up in the living room with sheet and blanket backdrops and pull out every holiday decoration we had in the garage and garnish this poor creature in the most ridiculous costume, but I loved it. Creating what wanted, how I saw the world. I never thought something so simple would grow into something that is a part of me, every day. 
8th grade I upgraded to my first point and shoot. This is where things got intense. I would set up my camera on stacks of books, because I wasn't hip and didn't have a tripod, (didn't eve know what one was) and I would wear my halloween costumes from previous years and pose in my back yard. I still have a few of them. 
High school came around, and photography was still nothing too serious. I took a class, but the whole time I never payed attention because rule of thirds and and all that shiz seemed so boring and I was too busy perusing the flickr web at conceptual artists. 
I then stumbled upon Brooke Shaden. I was obsessed. I shared her images with all my friends in the class, but didn't want to tell everyone because her magic was like my little secret. I wanted to know how she made people weightless and how the twirling of peoples hair in the air was captures with perfect percision. I then began to create. Setting trashy lighting in my room, playing with my self timer, getting frustrated and them having triumphant break through moments. This was such a growing time. 

There was a little gap where photography took a back seat. I was in love and found more time to kiss them to snap pictures. Soon after high school graduation, my love left to serve a 2 year mission for our church, so I had nothing. No real friends, no passions really, and then I remembered photography and I clinged to it like there was no tomorrow. I built my own business in that 2 years, figured out a little bit more of who I was. 

That is how I got here, how I became the eclectic mess I am today. So much goes on my in my head and I have no time to share it, to create it. I am going to make my own time now.