Quiet Nights


From wedding planning, DIY projects galore and photo shoots and work, it has been one wild ride the past week. This evening was so relaxing to finally be able to cuddle, to settle down in our comfy thrifted velvet rust colored chair and soak in the stillness. 
It's funny, how we have the ability to get so caught up in the bustle of life, the rush in rush out mindset of getting things done to race to the finish line that some may call the weekend, only to dwindle our moments away in front of television sets and text messages, but it's beautiful, those precious, fleeting moments when life just stands still, and your lungs can inhale and refresh and renew. This is how we see life, and this is how it shall always be. 
We don't have a television set, I have an aversion to that underlying buzz that they emit. We share a cell phone from the early 2000's and we would rather be tromping through the forest then go to disney land, but just because we love this quiet way of life, does not mean that we have any negative feelings towards those who prefer living in the times. Technology is a blessing, a seemingly magical entity that gives  us the ability to see anything, to know and learn, but like everything good, it can hold a darker side, revealing so much negative energy that can be unbearable. To have balance in life is good, and that is why I like my quiet nights.