Sun Kissed Soul


Days off are so cherished with us. 

Eyes beam open. It's a new day. With one giant yawn, arms outstretched, all the worries of the weeks, the business and the priorities, stresses and discomforts fade away. Saturday is here. 

I adore to watch  the sun as it wakes, it's beams peering through the curtains like gold, streaming into the room, swelling light spilling over wrinkled sheets, the walls, my skin, engulfing everything in it's hazy warmth. 

Those long awaited mornings when my love lies beside me still dreaming, and the stillness and quiet, and occasional creaking of the old walls remind me that I am alive, that it's another day to thrive, to breathe, to be. 

Have you ever cupped your hands over your ears and just listened to the muffled sounds of your surroundings, how your heart beat becomes louder  and your breathing, the inhale and exhale fill your ears, and you become more familiar with your existence? That is what weekend mornings remind me of.  

Make the most of these uncertain, whim seeking weekends. Explore, create, renew.