The Road Is Where My Heart Is, But Home Is Good With You

 Where kisses are long, laughter is plentiful, and creativity is ever flowing. 

Our sanctuary is such a place of rest, a place where still moments may be fleeting, but creativity and love is endless. 
We are not home bodies.
we adventure. And when we use that over abused, cliche word, no we don't mean we went out and saw a movie or drove to a town over to find a new ice cream shop, we mean hard core muddy gas tank guzzling drive till your sleepy eyed adventure ,where strangers become friends and we find new mountains to wander. 
We adventure and drive 2-3 hours almost every night through the redwoods and the sea, and explore until the sun wakes over the hills, the only thing keeping us grounded is the jobs that we have, the jobs we need for survival. If we didn't work full time, we would be traveling the world in a heart beat. 
Alas, we do not allow our jobs to tie us down, (even though we live in the most expensive place to live in the US) but to be a simple  reminder of responsibility, all else is fair game. We do not allow society to dictate our lives. We spend hours running wild and barefoot in new hidden places and ride windows down hanging out the windows and holding to the roll bars on our truck as tight as we can as the hazy, thick mountain air soaks us to the bone. After every night of adventuring, it's beautiful to be able to come home to this quiet little sanctuary we call home. Where the tea pot is always singing, and records are spinning on end. 
I love this quiet, wild and free life we live, and would never trade it for a thing.  
We don't have a television, and we keep our technology down to such a bare minimum because home time is typically us time, and I adore that I married a man with equal ideals because we have created a place of refuge and escape from the world.

It's like a massive exhale, coming home from a long adventure after wading through waist high bushes and hiking, and swimming in the sea, and taking a warm shower and plopping into bed and snuggling while listening to rain sounds and soft instrumentals. 
Cuddling cures all, so we've learned throughout many years of experience heehee