Mountain Tops

The crunch of earth ground beneath the tires of our forest green bronco instantly bring me home. 
After a full day of our spirits having to be apart at work, we love to recharge in beautiful places. The relief of sitting side by side in motion as our truck slowly trails through the shadowy mountains settles every worry and every pain of the moments spent apart. 
There is no place in all the firmament that we would rather be then with our fingers clasped and our souls being renewed reconnection with love, and the earth. 
Some evenings, we can drive for hours only sharing glances and soft smiles, without a word from our mouths, but the flow of energies that we share when our hands touch, or make eye contact warm and electrify, and solidify how content and easy quiet is for us. 
Other nights we can hold the deepest conversations about spirituality, and question how each other sees the world, trying to understand more fully what one anthers eyes create and witness. 
There is something so sacred, so unexplainably holy about being amongst giants. The trees seem to encapsuls  and preserve time, their memories and understanding of the world is far more complex then we will ever understand.

In biblical times,forests, mountain tops, nature has always been a spiritual place to not only go, but to go and connect with our creator, its a place as equally sacred as a temple I feel, its a place so seemingly untouched by society, untouched by man, and the energy there is just as calming if not more then any chapel I have ever stepped foot in. 

Did you know, that when a redwood tree dies, a family of redwoods sprout and grow in a circle around it. They are alive, they are beautiful beings created by God, and they feel. Their inner rings mark days, seconds moments and years passing. They intrigue me to better myself, to connect with my love and my soul.