Shoes off, Eyes Open

 I love to sit in silence with families of redwoods all around,  making sure I'm planted where the sun beams kiss my  eye lids and I absorb all the sounds and smells around me, and this is one of the moments I feel most alive. When I can recognize my heart beating in my chest, I can feel every little motion of the gently twirling air as my hair is jostled softly about, I can literally sense mortality. 
Marcie, me, yes that me. 
Who I am is not who I was five minutes ago, or who I will be tomorrow. I allow myself to ponder moments in life and feed off the energy emitted from my surroundings. 
I hardly ever wear shoes, so I can be closest to the ground and feel it's soul pulsing through me as I run wild on the forest floor, so I can instantaneously be filled with life as the ocean foam trickles over my ankles, and when I step on a thorn and there is blood shed and pain, I am again, reminded of my mortality. 
I do not fear death, I do not fear pain, I do not fear hardship, I face every new experience with courageous strength I have learned from very wise beings. 
I brush my hair about once a month, dreaded knots and tangled mess it is, it momentarily hold the sea, and the smells of the soil steeped with rain water, and the pungent, soft, dewy scent of late night camp fires. 
I am a moon child. I am part of a little moon tribe and we venture oft, connecting with the moon and the earth and the stars and we grow and strengthen one another and uplift each other. Moon child forever, moon child for life. 
I am a mermaid. Every girl claims this, surly. But not the obnoxious red headed animated creature you see plastered all over the stores. I get depresses when I am away from the sea too long, I can hardly go two days. I can swim all the day, and all the night long diving over and under the cresting frothy blue green waves. I love to fall back as a wave hits me, the moments when I cant control my body, it has full control, and everything from the outside world is obsolete temporarily and only the bubbling sounds of the roaring waves and the beating in my chest is all I hear, all that drives me, all that keeps me alive. The still moment of unpredictable darkness that only the waves and bring. I guess, with that, I love danger, i love being on the edge for some reason. 
A bit into my mind, you see?