We want you to know these few things, plain and simple.
We are not traditional. Your clothes may get a bit dirty, you may have to climb a rock or two, and we make jokes at ourselves while tangled in one another limbs so that we can both get the shots we need, digitally and on film.

If you find that pull, feel that connection that our images convey, then I believe you are the right fit for what we shoot.

We maintain a style of restlessness, still, sweet and calms, wandering souls and deep lovers, and want to capture just that.


Weddings start at: 2,000

Engagements: 500

Portrait Sessions: 300


Tell me everything. Where is the wedding taking place? Where were you when your eyes met for the fisrt time? Tell me your greatest adventure, and what drives you as lovers, tell me what parts of you, you want me to capture.
This is for the newly engaged, the long time lovers, the anniversary celebrators and the ones that just simply belive, as I do, that love in all forms should be documented. In home, or on an adventure, I want to capture it all.
From sleepy morning, in home sessions to wandering the mountains, we can do it all. Tell me what location you are interested in, as a family. This can get wild in all the best ways.