How long have you been shooting?  

Since middle school, marcie loved photographing her cat, and that love faded in high school with the dreaded photography class assignments that Shawn would ever so graciously do for her. Over the corse of a few years their desire to shoot grew stagnant, but when Shawn left for 2 years to serve on his mission, Marcie had to find a hobby to keep her busy, and it just so happened she stumbled upon the best time consuming hobby she could have, photography. Shawn came home and picked up a film camera and it was pretty much instant awesomeness. Professionally, 2.5 years. 

How do you find your locations? 

We are wanderers, we are  fill up the tank to the brim and hit the road kind of people, so through their exploring, beautiful locations emerged, and that fueled the fire to keep searching for more. Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, (bias, I know) plentiful of mountains, deserts, urban and city scapes, forests and the sea, there are endless possibilities. 

would you be willing to travel?

Of course! Adventure is what life is all about!